Moscow, Ordzhonikidze 11, str 44

we are creating the look
of a modern city


Hinged ventilated facades:

  • Natural stone
  • Clinker brick
  • Glass-fibro concrete
  • Aluminum and steel cassettes
  • Composite panels
  • Ceramics



Project 2022

Moscow, Kadashevskaya embankment, 12

The project of the architectural bureau SPEECH is a single State Customer

General contractor LANIT Group of Companies

Steel structural stained glass structures with fire resistance limit E30, EI90 with the use of domestic aluminum facade system INICIAL

Architectural double-glazed windows with artistic printing

Planar glazing of jumbo format

Complex parametric glazing of an anti-aircraft lamp on an aluminum REICO system
Input groups

SCHUCO window designs

Club house

Project 2017

Moscow, Kursovoy lane, 10

High quality of Window structures and NVF abutments

The hinged ventilated facade of the firewall wall is made of natural stone (Italy)

Club house
ul. Malaya ordynka d. 19

Project 2020

Moscow, Malaya Ordynka str., 19

Hidden doors.
Large-format double-glazed windows.
Complex molled glazing.
Window structures and NVF.

2600 m2 — translucent aluminum structures SCHUCO.

4500 m2 — hinged ventilated facade made of natural stone, clinker, granite, kumaru wood.

"Clear field"

Project 2015 - 2019

At the infrastructure facilities of our park, we have completed a full cycle of work: from the design of complex functional architectural objects to the construction and installation of structures.

The use of environmentally friendly materials, as well as energy-efficient technologies in the construction of facades made it possible to achieve the desired result. We are proud of what we have done and we want to share it with you.

Our competencies

DESIGN of stages P, KM, KMD

Our specialists have many years of experience in designing various types of Facade structures. The design department of Nayada has more than 50 people in various structural divisions.


At the moment, our resources allow us to process all well-known brands of facade profiles, to assemble, paint, pack and store facade structures.


Our staff includes 6 highly qualified project managers, 9 site managers, as well as more than 20 facade installation teams.


Our company has always been distinguished by attention to competencies and management development. We are proud that our specialists have successful management experience gained on key construction projects in Russia over the past 20 years.

Our team

We are creating something that forms the image of a modern city, is the embodiment of technological achievements and creation, reflecting trends in the development of the human environment

Klyuchansky Maxim Vladimirovich

General Director of “Nayada Facade Systems”

Work experience in the construction industry in domestic companies and abroad is 19 years

Implemented projects in the field of facade construction:

  • AVK Vnukovo-1
  • MIBC Moscow-City
  • G10 Business Park
  • Marriott Voronezh Hotel
  • AVK Domodedovo Terminal 2
  • Luzhniki Big Sports Arena and ZARYADYE Park
  • Sadovod Shopping center, Grand-YUG shopping center, 15 Ukrainian Boulevard Business Center
  • Varvarka Hotel Complex

Kiatrova Layla Nailevna

Deputy General Director for
administration and configuration of
construction facilities

Graduated from the ANO of Higher Education "Institute of Business Career"

More than 20 years of experience in the construction industry

State awards:

  • Certificate of Honor of the Moscow Department of Construction for contribution to the implementation of the reconstruction project of the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena
  • Gratitude of the Mayor of Moscow for his contribution to the construction and commissioning of the Concert Hall of Philharmonic Music "Zaryadye"
  • Gratitude of the Moscow Department of Construction for conscientious work during the construction of an infectious diseases hospital in the Voronovskoye settlement

Tashtimirova Milyausha Nurullovna

Deputy General Director for Design and Author's Supervision

Bashkir State Agrarian University

Experience in the design of translucent structures, as well as curtain-type ventilated facades 10 years

Among the projects realized are:

  • Residential Complex “Breathing”, Moscow
  • Residential Complex “Reef Residence”, Sochi
  • Moscow Regional Duma
  • Shopping Center Sadovod, Moscow
  • Pavilion Restaurant, Moscow
  • Varvarka Hotel Complex, Moscow and others.

Gennady Veniaminovich Korotkov

Deputy General Director for Construction Management

Graduated from NOU VPO "Obninsk Central Russian University "Technological Institute""

Work experience in construction: 19 years

Realized projects in the field of facade construction:

  • Residential Complex "Kutuzov", Moscow
  • RIO shopping center, Moscow
  • RADISSON-Belorusskaya Hotel, Moscow
  • Residential Complex "Millennium Tower", Sochi
  • Residential Complex "Flotilia", Moscow
  • Building complex "ART RESIDENCE", Moscow
  • Residential Complex "Renaissance", Moscow
  • Residential Complex "Jazz", Moscow

Astashkin Dmitry Ivanovich

Head of Production and Technology Department

Graduated from RGAZU USNTU - Ufa State Petroleum Technical University

Work experience in construction: 20 years

Implemented construction projects:

  • Main Media Center of the Olympic Games, Sochi
  • Olympic Plaza Residential complex, Sochi
  • Residential complex "Red Square", Sochi

Alexander Evgenyevich Razgulyaev

Project Manager

Graduated from FGBOU VO TIU - Tyumen Industrial University

Experience in construction: 15 years

Realized projects in the field of construction:

  • Pavshinskaya Floodplain Residential Complex, Moscow Region
  • Residential Complex "Hometown. Vorontsovsky Park", Moscow
  • Residential Complex "Symbol", Moscow
  • Construction of a new entrance and a bridge connecting the old and new territories of the Moscow Zoo, Moscow.
  • Reconstruction of the Praga movie theater, Moscow

Kuznetsov Andrey Alexandrovich

Project manager

Graduated from USNTU - Ufa State Petroleum Technical University

Work experience in construction: 20 years

Implemented projects in the field of construction:

  • VTB Arena Park Residential Complex
  • Residential complex "Red Square", Sochi
  • Polytechnic Museum, Moscow
  • Olympic Plaza Residential complex, Sochi

Denis Borisovich Ponomarev

Cost Estimate Engineer

Finished RUTH (MIIT) - Russian University of Transport

Work experience in construction: 15 years

About the company

1995 — The year of birth of the new domestic company “Nayada”.

2001 — The first regional office in Kazan has been opened.

2005 — We were the first in Russia to test and certify fire–resistant structures EI - 90.

2009 — Launch of the Nayada production and logistics complex in the village of Yam, Moscow region.

2014 — We are 20 representative offices and more than 1000 employees in Russia and the CIS.

2017 Year

We have started to develop a new direction of
design and construction


2018 — The process of joining the Nayada company of a number of the strongest enterprises of the facade market has begun. A course has been taken on
the formation of a strong and professional team
in the field of facade design and construction.

2021 Year

A new company has been created


In the autumn of the same year, the team of the company "KTS",
one of the oldest players in the facade market
Russia and the CIS, fully incorporated into the company
"Nayada Facade Systems"



Entrance from the Upper Mikhailovsky Transverse Ave.

Entrance from the yard of Ordzhonikidze BP

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