Moscow, Ordzhonikidze 11, str 44

Moscow, Kursovoy lane, 10

AB "Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners"
VESPER Developer

Club house

Project features:

  • Thermally insulated windows made of galvanized galvanized painted steel FORSTER UNICO.
  • Automatic drives E-Tec Drive.
  • Panoramic glazing based on safety double-glazed windows with multifunctional and low-emission glasses, providing a high class of energy efficiency.


  • The safe operation of large-format glazing is provided by French balconies and enclosing structures corresponding to the limit fire resistance E-30, as well as entrance groups with structural glazing.
  • High quality of junctions
    window structures and NVF.
  • The hinged ventilated facade of the firewall wall is made of natural stone (Italy).

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Project 2022

Moscow, Kadashevskaya embankment, 12

The project of the architectural bureau SPEECH is a single State Customer

General Contractor LANIT Group of companies

Steel structural stained glass structures with fire resistance limit E30, EI90 with the use of domestic aluminum facade system INICIAL
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Project 2020

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Hidden doors.
Large-format double-glazed windows.
Complex molled glazing.
Window structures and NVF.

2600 m2 — translucent aluminum structures SCHUCO.

4500 m2 — hinged ventilated facade made of natural stone, clinker, granite, kumaru wood.

"Clear field"

Проект 2015 - 2019

At the infrastructure facilities of our park, we have completed a full cycle of work: from the design of complex functional architectural objects to the construction and installation of structures.

The use of environmentally friendly materials, as well as energy-efficient technologies in the construction of facades made it possible to achieve the desired result. We are proud of what we have achieved and we want to share it with you.